Private Dining at PJ’s Lobster House

Dining out can be one of the most pleasurable experiences one can partake in. However, much like any other event that occurs within the confines of a public place, there comes the aspect of well, dealing with the public. Not that every single interaction is dreadful or stress-inducing, far from it. But for every intimate evening, there’s at least one occurrence with bad service or louder-than-average patrons in your vicinity. The next time you call ahead to make a reservation, you might want to consider opting for private dining. The advantages are many, and we’ve taken the time to list a few. 
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No Disruptions and Plenty of Privacy 

As we mentioned earlier, an enchanted evening can be spoiled by patrons who are ostentatious and for the lack of a better term, annoying. Private dining completely removes these unwanted distractions entirely, leaving you and your guests alone and to their own devices. 

Privacy in a public place can sometimes seem next to impossible. With private dining, you’ll be guaranteed privacy for you and your guests, which will ensure intimacy and make an enchanted evening all the more enchanting. 

The Best Table in the House and The Best Staff on Duty 

When a private party opts for private dining, the establishment that’s hosting them tends to make sure that they’re all properly taken care of. This usually means seating them at the finest table and having their best servers on staff that evening. A private function usually signifies a considerable level of importance for the event in question, so the restaurant will be more than willing to bring their “A-game.” 

Naturally, this also means that you won’t have to compete with the other patrons, which, depending upon how busy things get, can be a very good thing. 

Customize the Menu and Skip the Lines 

Let’s face it–most Americans are finicky eaters. When you opt for private dining, you can actually customize the meal menu and drink selections to cater to you and your guests’ various whims and fancies. If you and your crew abstain from meat and dairy, you have the chance to plan a completely vegan menu, the limitations are endless. Best of all, a private event means you get to skip the lines and wait, just show up and get down to business. 

Private Dining at PJ’s Lobster House 

At PJ’s Lobster House, we not only offer private dining and the best seafood selection around, but we also have our very own