Yum! National Oyster Day is August 5th!

National Oyster Day is August 5! Celebrate this tasty seafood by dining on a delicious dish of oysters at PJ Lobster House, and learn more about the holiday by continuing on with this blog post.

Fresh Oysters at PJ Lobster House

There are over 100 species of oysters living on Earth today. Oysters can be found in bodies of water and bays, and are usually named after the location they are discovered, and take after the water’s characteristics. Some popular oyster species are the Wellfleets, the Kumamotos, and the La Saint Simons. These molluscs may have a chewy texture, a sweet taste, a buttery texture, and some even have hints of seaweed. Each oyster is different from one another, depending on the location it is found.

Just like there are hundreds of types of oysters, there are also hundreds of ways to eat oysters. Oysters can be eaten raw, boiled, fried, stewed, smoked, steamed, broiled, pickled, canned, baked, and on the half shell. Chefs may prepare oysters by opening the shell and serving the contents, including the juice, or simply adding butter and salt. Others may add the oysters to meals to add another level of flavor to a dish. There is no right or wrong way to prepare, serve, and eat oysters, so consider dining on this tasty treat however you’d like!

At PJ Lobster House, you can dine in at our restaurant and start your meal off with an appetizer featuring oysters! Order oysters on the half shell or fried oysters to get your lunch or dinner started. Customers of our fish market can also purchase oysters plain, shucked, or half shell with lemon. If you’re looking to celebrate National Oyster Day this Sunday, August 5, PJ Lobster House is the best place to do so. To make a reservation or check out our fish market stock, call us at 631-473-1143 today!