Why You Should be Eating More Seafood

We all know that beef and pork aren’t the healthiest meats that a person can partake of. And oftentimes chicken can get so bland and boring. But seafood has always been one of the healthiest alternatives to land-based protein available and a recent study went a whole lot further in showing many of the other numerous benefits that the catch of the day can offer. Of course, this made all of us at PJ Lobster House beyond excited as we have been espousing the many virtues of seafood for years!

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There is very little argument to be made that people who follow diets with large amounts of seafood prove to be physically healthier in a number of important metrics such as heart and cardiovascular systems, brain function, energy levels, as well as vitamin and mineral consumption. To show you just how serious this research was about the nutritional and health benefits of the ocean’s best offerings, here are 7 specific advantages to eating more seafood:

1. It Contains No Artificial Ingredients, Hormones, Fillers, or Antibiotics

2. It’s the Best Source of Lean Protein

3. It Can Prevent or Even Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

4. It’s Packed with Good Cholesterol

5. It’s Loaded with Omega-3

6. It Can Help Slow and Curb Cancer

7. It Can Actually Help Treat Certain Kinds of Depression

So to start getting more seafood in your diet and to enjoy the numerous health benefits of nutritious and vitamin-packed seafaring cuisine, stop by and visit us at PJ Lobster House. You will find us at 1 North County Road in Jefferson, NY 11777. To learn more about our delicious offerings and weekly specials you can always give us a call at (631) 473-1143. Anyone of our friendly staff members will be glad to take care of you!