The Luxury of Lobster!

Did you know lobster wasn’t always considered a luxury food
? In the 1600s, lobster was plentiful and easily available to those living near the ocean. Lobster was considered regular food and was even given to prisoners and servants by European colonists. This “poor man’s food” has come a long way. Today, lobster is considered a luxury food and many people think of it as a special treat. To learn how lobster became what it is today, continue reading this blog post.

Lobster at PJ Lobster House

Lobster began to earn its reputation as a luxury food in the 1800s. Wealthy individuals who lived inland would visit the ocean to escape the city. When doing so, they would treat themselves to lobster. Lobster was not readily available in the city, so this ocean-side treat was tantalizing to the rich. The wealthy enjoyed lobster so much that this seafood became a delicacy, and started making its way into dishes across the country.

In addition to being a luxury food, lobster is also notably healthy. If you are looking for a meal that tastes great and is good for you, order a lobster dish when eating out or prep a lobster meal at home. Lobster is the cleanest, most sustainable, and healthiest seafood there is. Often times, lobster is also prepared with other luxury ingredients, including healthy salads, homemade butter, and vegetable juices.

You can enjoy healthy, luxurious lobster at PJ Lobster House. We sell lobster at our fish market, or you can order a lobster dish off of our restaurant menu. If you visit us on Labor Day Monday, you can sit in for our all-you-can-eat lobster for just $59.99! To reserve a table, call PJ Lobster House at 631-473-1143. You can find our location at 1 North Country Road in Port Jefferson. We hope to see you here soon!