Pairing Drinks with Seafood

Finding the right drink to accompany a seafood dish is more complex than often assumed. While a popular theory states that white wine goes with anything from the ocean, it’s possible to find better beverage companions for your favorite dishes. Let’s take a look at a few great couplings.

Catering Lobster Seafood Port Jeff

Cedar Plank Salmon and India Pale Ale

Smoky earthy flavors are the signature marks of a salmon cooked on a cedar plank, but they are truly enhanced by a good IPA. Brewed with hints of pine and strong hop, this pairing balances earth and ocean perfectly.

Seafood Paella and Rioja Red Wine

It’s no secret that foods and beverages that hail from the same region share a deep connection. Seafood paella is a Spanish delicacy renowned for its bright and bold flavor. The spicy and savory paella is amplified by wine from the Rioja region of Spain, a red that features a sweet, peppery flavor that complements the dish nicely.

Tilapia Ceviche and Mojitos

Ceviche is cool and relaxing, featuring a zesty pungent flavor that pops with citrus flavors. Any drink that accompanies it needs to counterbalance the acidity inherent to the dish and that is best achieved with something sweet. Mojitos fit the bill nicely, offering something smooth and cool to wash down the zing of the ceviche.

Raw Oysters and Gin

Oysters on the half shell boast a fresh salty taste that can be difficult to pair appropriately. Gin is a surprising answer to this problem, featuring an herbal flavor that nicely complements the sweet and salty taste of the oysters.

Mixing and combining various dishes and drinks can create a dynamic dining experience that allows you to explore whole new flavors with each meal. If you are looking for a seafood dining experience like no other, please consider PJ Lobster House. Our fresh seafood is sourced directly from Long Island Sound fisherman and prepared by our expert chefs. We can’t wait to show you what we can do.