Inside the Different Cuts of Fish

Of the many cuisines that are found across the many different cultures that inhabit the earth, seafood appears to be the most universal. There’s no shortage in the variety in which fish are prepared and served up to the general public. Among these are a variety of cuts that are available to anyone when they visit their local fish market. If you’ve ever been curious about what each one is and what pertains to them, then we invite you to read on as we dissect what each one is. 
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Whole Fish 

If you want to be completely technical, “whole fish” isn’t really a cut. That said, it’s still one of the most popular ways to prepare fish for consumption. Whole fish is usually best left to cooks with a considerable amount of experience, as there’s a lot of intricate work that goes into preparing a whole fish. This is why many who Gish are sold as “gutted and dressed.” This means viscera and scales have been removed, and the fish is ready for consumption. 


The fillet is unquestionably the most popular cut of fish in the continental United States. Fillets are made by cutting away the meat from the sides of the fish and removing the bones alongside the length of the cut. Filets are relatively easy to prepare and are easily found at any grocery store. 


Similar to the cuts of red meat of the same name, loins are thick cuts of meat that are taken lengthwise from a fish. Swordfish steaks and Ahi tuna are among the most common loin cuts of fish to be found. Seafood steaks and loins are somewhat different from one another, and most of this has to do with whether or not the bone is left intact. 


The hind quarters of the fish, though not as popular as other various cuts, are very flavorful when seasoned properly. Salmon and lobster tails are among the most common of this cut found in various fish markets. 

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