How to Try Lobster at a Seafood Restaurant

Lobster is one of those foods that is widely talked about among anyone that loves seafood. On top of that, people who aren’t even big seafood fans tend to rave about lobster for its unique flavor profile, consistency, and tendency to leave you full. But for the uninitiated, lobster can be a tricky fish to eat and pick out. But don’t fret, today we have some tips to help you eat your way to lobster town.

Fresh lobster served at PJ's Lobster House in Port Jeff, NY


Unlike most other dishes, you can’t get away with using just a fork and knife in getting to the delicious flavors underneath the lobster shell. They’re hard to get into. And that’s why you should start with an easier style of lobster in what is known as shedders. Shedders are great for lobster rookies because they have softer more approachable shells. The trade-off is that they have less meat in them but they’re also a little sweeter!

It’s All About the Colors

Not all lobsters are made alike, as you can see with shedders. When you’re looking to eat lobster. Always ensure that the meat is red, pink, or white. If you’re looking for sweeter meat, then you should aim for the redder color of a lobster.

One thing to take note of when eating your first lobster (so you don’t freak out upon first glance) is tomalley which is a green substance in the center of the lobster. It’s the lobster’s liver and pancreas. This is harmless to eat and is considered a delicacy in some places. One thing to avoid is any yellow color. That signifies that the lobster has gone bad.

Get the Right Tools

Don’t stress if you can’t get your lobster open with your fork. That’s because you need a cracker to help you open the shell. The cracker is meant for cracking open the claws and breaking the body apart to get the meat out. You also won’t get a full-length fork, you’ll usually get a smaller-sized one so that you can push the meat out easier–It can get messy, so prepare for that!

Pick an Eating Strategy

As we said, eating lobster can get a bit tricky. That’s why you should plan out how you’re eating it beforehand and come up with a strategy that works best for you. The popular method is starting at the tail and finishing at the claws. This technique is popular because it helps retain the heat in the lobster while keeping the mess to a minimum.

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