How to Find the Freshest Fish

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Do you want to know how PJ Lobster House obtains only the freshest fish in Long Island? It’s pretty important because using fresh, cleanly-sourced seafood makes all the difference in the world for health and taste purposes. In this post, we’ll share with you some tips for selecting fresh fish the next time you find yourself in a seafood market.

How to Find the Freshest Fish

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  • The meat should be malleable.
    A fresh fish is a little more springy and malleable. You can test this with your finger on the fish’s exterior. If whenever you press down on it, you leave a groove or dent that doesn’t spring back, that one might not be fresh any longer.
  • It should have bright and metallic skin.
    Look for the ideal fish to have a solid shine to it. As they age, fishes lose their vibrant appearance and begin to develop dull spots.
  • The eyes should be clear.
    They say the eyes are the window to the soul. We’ll withhold comment on whether fishes have souls, but they do have eyes, which should look clear as an indication of freshness.
  • The scales shouldn’t slide off too easily.
    A fresh fish has firm scales that stick together. If they’re crumbling off the fish, that’s a bad sign. Pick another one instead.
  • Look for healthy gills.
    If the fish is a little “green around the gills,” he probably shouldn’t have made it into the seafood market in the first place. The gills should be red and moist rather than brown or faded.
  • Stay away from murky/milky liquid substances on the fish.
    Fish filets usually have some liquid on them. You don’t want them too dry. However, the liquid shouldn’t have a milky appearance. It should be more transparent and watery.

We believe that if you follow these guidelines for selecting fish, you’ll become a pro at distinguishing fresh from old.

PJ Lobster House serves and sells only the freshest seafood items to our friends and neighbors in Port Jefferson. Whether you’re looking for sushi, lobster, crab, jumbo shrimp, tuna, or any other fish, you’re in the right spot. If you want us to cater for an event, we’re happy to assist with that as well. You can find out more about our restaurant and services by calling 631-473-1143

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