How to Boil Lobster

Would you like to know how to boil your own lobster? Maybe you just want to learn how we do it. Either way is fine with us since we’re the place to visit for freshly prepped seafood entrees, or to take home lobster from our large fish market.
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Whichever way you prefer, here’s how to boil lobster.

Steps for Boiling Lobster

Why is boiling lobster such a great idea? It’s because boiling gives you a much more even cook than steaming, and it’s also the best way to tenderize the meat (making it easier to pull off the shell).

Boiling Steps

  1. Gather all your cooking equipment: cooking pot (a big one), potholders, tongs, colanders, and so forth.
  2. Fill the cooking pot with ⅔ water, boil the water, and add two tablespoons of kosher salt.
  3. Place the lobster(s) into the water head first.
  4. Cover the pot immediately since the cold lobsters will cause the water temperature to fall.
  5. Cook your lobsters for the appropriate time (this depends on size)
  6. Check to see if they’re ready. You’ll know they are if you stick a thermometer into the lobster meat (under the tail, close to the body) and get a reading between 135 and 140 degrees.
  7. Allow the lobster to cool. Then take a knife to cut into the body and tail, and let the excess water drain.

Other Boiling Considerations

Here are some general guidelines on how long it’ll take to boil. A small lobster, weighing about one pound, will take about five minutes to boil. Larger lobsters, at around five/six pounds will take roughly 20 minutes to cook.

Also, yes, it is better to boil lobsters alive. This is a better approach for minimizing bacterial problems and ensuring freshness. There are other ways to cook lobster, such as grilling, poaching, frying, and even microwaving. However, many seafood enthusiasts appreciate the boiling method for drawing out flavor the most.

Enjoy Lobster Anytime at PJ Lobster House

Don’t forget that we have nearly a dozen ways to enjoy lobster if you order off our dinner menu at PJ Lobster House. This includes terrific options such as . . . 

  • Traditional Lobster Dinner – This is the total package of lobster meals. You can choose your portion size (ranging from 1 ¼ lbs to 3 lbs of lobster meat), and it comes with a house salad and two sides.
  • Twin Lobster Tails – This terrific meal is a terrific choice if you want to split a small lobster meal with a friend or spouse. It features two seven-ounce lobster tails, prepared in garlic and butter.
  • Cold Lobster Rolls – If you’d prefer something other than the boiling method, this is a great way to go. It’s akin to eating lobster like a hotdog (with way better meat).

PJ Lobster House is the best place to enjoy boiled lobster or take some home with you to cook. If you have any other lobster questions, call us to learn more at 631-473-1143.

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