How can Lobsters Benefit Your Health?

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Seafood, in general, has a great reputation for being a healthy source of protein. Fish not only provides an abundance of omega-3 fats, vitamin D, and protein, but it is low in saturated fats which is extremely healthy for your heart. Lobster is loaded with nutrients as it is chock full of essential vitamins and minerals. The common misbelief is that lobster itself is a no-no because it elevates cholesterol levels. In actuality, the manner in which it is prepared and served is the culprit. PJ Lobster House is happy to share with you the terrific benefits that lobster provides to your health.

Animal sources such as meat and dairy products have significant amounts of saturated fats. Fried and baked foods contain high levels of saturated fats as well. Consuming foods that have a notable quantity of saturated fats increases the levels of cholesterol in the blood, and high cholesterol raises the risk of being afflicted with heart disease and stroke.

By opting for seafood rather than red meat, you can reduce the intake of saturated fats and can help lower the risk of developing the aforementioned serious health conditions. Lobster is not only delicious, but thankfully it is low in saturated fats. Although lobster is a bit above average regarding cholesterol, its consumption does not cause a considerable effect on blood cholesterol levels.

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