Host Your Next Party at PJ Lobster House

PJ Lobster House can be an ideal location for your next party in Suffolk County. We take a lot of the hassle out of party planning, but there are some things you should consider when looking at us or any venue for your next event.

Port Jefferson Seafood Restaurant

Understand the space — Planning a party at a restaurant requires a good knowledge of the available space and how it is used. The available square footage will define how many people can comfortably fit there. Make sure there is adequate seating for folks who don’t want to stand. Also, make sure there is adequate space for people to move around once the room fills up.

Understand the details of the rental — There are a number of ways restaurants recoup their expense for hosting a party — fee per person, ordering ala carte off a menu, and so forth. There are other issues you need to understand before confirming the event, including:

  • The restaurant is available on date and time you need; this may sound obvious but make sure.
  • Is there a base rental fee for the room?
  • As mentioned above, how do you pay for guests; per person, flat fee, etc.?
  • Can the floor layout be changed if needed to accommodate your group, such as moving tables?
  • Is the space private or accessible to the public during the party?
  • When is a final head count needed?
  • Who is your personal contact at the restaurant?
  • Are refunds possible?
  • What’s the cancellation policy?
  • Is there a maximum number of guests allowed?
  • Can the restaurant handle special food requests or dietary concerns?

Communication — Keeping connected with the restaurant during the planning process is critical. Make sure you and your contact can use phones, email, texting, or any other convenient method. Ask questions and encourage the restaurant to contact you if any issues arise.

The day of the event — Check with the restaurant for any last minute issues. A walk through of the facility an hour or two prior to the event might bring to light issues needing resolution. Keep the communication channels open.

After the event — The restaurant may reach out to you for your feedback on the event, but if you plan to use the venue again you might wish to reach out in reverse for feedback. If the restaurant had some problem with your group it’s good to resolve it now rather than find out later that your repeat business isn’t desired.

PJ Lobster House is ready to host your next party. We can book groups for any occasion. Our $30.00 per person charge includes two soups or salads, one appetizer to share, two entrees, and a dessert to share. Check out our group menu page at You can request information there or for more information. PJ Lobster House offers the freshest seafood in Suffolk County — come party with us!

Host Your Party at Port Jefferson Seafood Restaurant in Suffolk County, NY