Head-On or Headless Shrimp: What Team are You on?

Shrimp is versatile, delicious seafood that tastes great by itself or is used as an ingredient in a dish. Many different cuisines, ranging from creole to Italian, use shrimp as an ingredient. You can purchase shrimp with or without the head. Which team are you on?
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As you shop for shrimp, you will find the seafood in several different variations. One of these variations is with the head-on. If you pick shrimp with the head on, it may also come with the shell still on. If you’re grilling your shrimp, the shell can act as a protective shield during grilling. The shell can seal in flavors as well, which may improve the taste of your dish. Some dishes even require you to prepare the shrimp with the shell still on, so keep this in mind as you shop.

Another thing to consider when shopping for shrimp is the texture of the fish. Shrimp with the heads still on tend to be mushier in texture, while headless shrimp are crisper. This is because shrimp with the head still on has more fat. Without the head, and the fat, headless shrimp maintains its crispiness for longer periods of time. If you aren’t using the fish the same day you’re purchasing it, you may want to opt for head-off shrimp that you can store in your freezer.

In order to eat shrimp, you need to peel and devein the fish. This delicate process can be difficult for some. If you are not skilled when it comes to removing the shell and veins, you may want to shop for headless shrimp that is already peeled and deveined. On the other hand, if you trust you can do this yourself, you can enjoy more freshness and flavor in your fish.

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