Enjoy National Shrimp Day at PJ Lobster House

There are two great reasons to celebrate on May 10th this year. First, and most importantly, it is Mother’s Day. Second, it is National Shrimp Day. We adore National Shrimp Day, and we have many reasons why you should too. Keep reading for more information on National Shrimp Day and what we can do to celebrate.

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Why National Shrimp Day?

Our question isn’t why National Shrimp Day, but instead, why not National Shrimp Day? National Shrimp Day was created to celebrate everyone’s favorite little crustacean. Shrimp are often called the “fruit of the sea” because so many people love them. There are over 2000 different kinds of shrimp in the world. Some of them are so small you can’t see them. Others can be as large as a foot long–imagine that shrimp deep fried. Shrimp can be found in saltwater and freshwater, although nearly all of the shrimp you eat are found in saltwater.

Shrimp live together in large schools, often numbering in the thousands. They communicate with each other by snapping or clicking at each other. Like all crustaceans, shrimp don’t have a skeleton; their skeletons are really the hard shells that surround their bodies. This shell acts like armor for the shrimp. Shrimp also have the ability to stab at predators with their hard beaks to protect themselves.

How to Celebrate National Shrimp Day

One of the best ways to celebrate National Shrimp Day is to try new kinds of shrimp. You can either have a Shrimp Fest in your house or go out to eat. Why not try lots of new shrimp dishes? There are so many ways to have a shrimp feast. Shrimp can be grilled or fried, of course. But there are lots of ways you can make shrimp amazing. Why not take this time to look up some shrimp recipes? If you love soup, why not try shrimp bisque or gumbo? If you love stir fry, why not try sweet and sour shrimp? Are you a fan of barbecue? Why not try barbecued shrimp or shrimp shish kabobs? You really aren’t limited in those recipe choices, so go crazy.

You could also tour the places where shrimp are harvested. There’s nothing like taking a trip to the Gulf Coast to soak in the sun and surf and watch shrimp boats in action. You can also view shrimp boats in parts of Asia as well, if you are inclined to travel. It’s a lot of fun to cook and eat fresh caught shrimp, there is something special about watching fresh caught shrimp cooked to perfection.

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