Enjoy National Fish & Chips Day in Port Jefferson

National Fish and Chips Day is almost here! Fish and chips are a cuisine inspired by England. The dish includes breaded fish and french fries and is typically served with tartar sauce. If you need an excuse to order some seafood and fries, let National Fish and Chip Day on June 2 be that excuse.

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Fish and chips are a fundamental meal in the United Kingdom. The cuisine consists of breaded fish, such as cod, and a serving of fries. While tartar sauce is the most common sauce served with this dish in the United States and Canada, other countries prefer a special curry sauce with their fish and chips. Additionally, the United Kingdom likes to pair this meal with some smashed peas.

Fish and chips have a strong history that dates back to the late 1800s. Trawl fishing became a major part of the economic industry in the North Sea during this time, which resulted in the increased availability of fresh fish in the areas further inland in the British Isles. This fish was cheap, easily accessible, and filling, making it the perfect food for the working class in England. Eventually, the dish grew to such popularity in England that street vendors started selling the meal. From there, fish and chips took off all across the globe.

National Fish and Chip Day began in 2015 and is going strong to this day. This upcoming National Fish and Chip Day, be sure to order yourself the meal from PJ Lobster House.
At PJ Lobster House, you can order fish and chips as a two-piece, three-piece, or four-piece meal. We use beer-battered cod filets and serve these filets with seasoned waffle fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce. You can add a house garden salad to this meal for just $4, or you can substitute a house garden salad or a cup of soup for a side dish for $3.

Head to PJ Lobster House this June 2 for a National Fish and Chips Day celebration! We are open from noon to 9 p.m. and you can find us at 134 Main Street in Port Jefferson, New York. We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

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