Enjoy Happy Hour with PJ Lobster House

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Happy hour is the best time of the day! During happy hour, bars and restaurants offer discounted foods and drinks. If you’re a happy hour-lover, celebrate National Happy Hour Day with PJ Lobster House.

port jefferson seafood market near stony brook

The first use of the term “happy hour” was back in 1914. The term was used by journalists who were describing the festivities of American sailors aboard the U.S.S. Arkansas during the Mexican-American war. After a long day, these sailors snuck sips of liquor and danced and boxed with one another. Speaking of sneaking alcohol, happy hour also has roots in the prohibition. When people had to sneak off the speakeasies to drink during the prohibition era, they would typically visit these speakeasies during the late afternoon/early evening, as this was the least suspicious time of day. That is why happy hour typically takes place around 4 to 6 p.m.

At PJ Lobster House, our happy hour is from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. During our happy hour, we serve starters like fried calamari, steamed clams, bay scallops, and mozzarella triangles. We also have discount drink specials, like $5 Port Jeff Orange Dream, $5 New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Hop Avenger IPA, $4 (or a $10 pitcher) Blue Moon Belgian White White, $4.50 Oyster Bay Barn Rocker Pilsner, $3 Bud Light, $4 Angry Orchard, and much more.

National Happy Hour Day is November 12, so be sure to visit us this Thursday. You can find us at 1 North Country Road in Port Jefferson, New York. We hope you will visit us for your National Happy Hour Day celebration!

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