Do You Know About These Seafood Health Facts?

Consider seafood for dinner to enjoy its health benefits. Everybody knows that seafood is healthy, but not everyone knows why seafood is healthy. Do you know about these seafood health facts?

Seafood at PJ Lobster Restaurant

Did you know seafood has proven brain and heart-boosting properties? Brain and heart health are important, and seafood is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that can protect the heart and aid the brain. Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t the only bountiful nutrients offered by seafood though. You can also find protein, iodine, and vitamin D in your favorite fish dish.

Seafood can help ease the aging process. Older adults who have seafood-rich diets live an average of two years longer than older adults who do not eat seafood frequently. This may be because seafood contains nutrients that can support brain health in those who are aging.

Seafood is actually the safest meat to eat. Even though some people are skeptical of consuming seafood, it is notably more safe to eat than poultry, beef, pork, and so on. When it comes to preparing seafood, fish has the lowest risk of causing foodborne illness. Of course, you must make sure your seafood is either frozen or refrigerated properly before preparing it.

The health benefits of eating seafood significantly outweigh any potential risks. In fact, it is recommended that people eat seafood twice a week to enjoy the nutrients in fish. Seafood has a significant impact on weight, brain function, and bodily and mental functions.

Add seafood to your meal planning menu! You can purchase seafood at the PJ Lobster House & Fish Market. If you are more interested in dining in, we also have a restaurant that features a seafood-heavy menu. You can find PJ Lobster House at 1 North Country Road in Port Jefferson!