Different Cuts of Fish

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There are many options to fish when it comes to which cut you like and prefer. PJ Lobster House of Port Jefferson, NY has put together a guide going over the different cuts of fish, so when you visit our fish market you will know exactly how to order. Keep reading to learn more.

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Whole Fish

Whole fish is technically not a cut; however, it remains a common way to cook a fish, mainly for professional chefs and skilled cooks. Whole fish is complicated to work with and creates quite a mess while doing so. The remarkable feature of whole fish is that it is extremely versatile in the manner that it can be prepared and served.


A fillet is boneless and it is the most popular cut of fish. The meat is cut away from the bone at the side of the fish, alongside its length. Fillets are wonderful since they cook quickly, are able to be prepared with or without the skin, and can also be cut into smaller pieces.

Butterfly Fillets

Butterfly fillets are created by having two fillets that are joined in the middle by the skin/backbone. When opened up, the fillets resemble the form of a butterfly. This type of cut is great for pan-frying or baking.


A loin is a thick and tasty cut of meat that is taken lengthwise off a sizable fish. Tuna and swordfish are prime examples of the types of fish prepared this way. Loins are usually boneless and skinless.

Fish Steak

A fish steak is a cross-section cut taken from a substantial fish such as halibut, tuna, or salmon. The cut is made perpendicular to the spine and these steaks still include the vertebrae, bones, and skin. Grilling is the ideal method for cooking fish steaks.


The tail of the fish is cut that is frequently overlooked by consumers. This cut is worthy of consideration as it offers plenty of flavors, especially when seasoned appropriately.

PJ Lobster House is a renowned establishment that provides customers with high-quality cuts of fish and other mouth-watering seafood. We are located at 134 Main Street in Port Jefferson, NY and may be reached by calling (631) 473-1143. Thank you for your interest in PJ Lobster House.

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