Cooking Seafood Using Beer or Wine

Seafood is delicious and luxurious. It is also a fun type of food to experiment within the kitchen. Seafood pairs well with wine and beer. You can cook seafood with wine or beer to enhance the natural flavors of your favorite fish. To learn more about cooking seafood using beer or wine, keep reading.

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If you decide you want to cook with wine, you can use red or white wine. When pan-searing fish, use your red or white wine to deglaze the pan. The wine can help scrape up any browned bits that are left to the pan. These bits contain a lot of flavors. Add some minced fresh herbs and butter to thicken the sauce and you have what you need for a delicious fish dish. For those who are poaching their fish, consider using white wine to add flavor to your bass, salmon, or halibut.

Cooking with beer is traditional in many areas of the world, including Belgium and Portugal. Beer is most often used when cooking mussels or clams. You can steam this seafood in a beer-infused broth. You can also bring beer to a simmer with garlic and herbs, then add shellfish. This makes for a mouth-watering broth.

A beer boil with Old Bay or Creole seasoning is excellent for a classic summer seafood celebration. You can bring a 1 to 1 mix of beer and water to a boil, add your favorite seasonings, add shrimp or crabs to your boil, and then cook thoroughly. This boil tastes great and only takes a few minutes to prepare.

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