Chef Secrets for Cooking Fish Perfectly Every Time

Have you ever wanted to duplicate that perfectly fresh-cooked fish taste, but you aren’t able to quite master it? It is difficult sometimes to get the perfectly cooked fish taste, without either overcooking it or undercooking it. If you are struggling to get that exquisite taste of fresh-caught, and expertly-cooked fish, we have some suggestions.

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How to Cook the Perfect Fish

First, to cook a great piece of fish, you need to know the perfect temperature for cooking. If you want to pan-sear your fish, you need to cook it on high heat with a bit of oil. If you’re grilling your fish, make sure you place it on the hottest part of your grill. If you prefer your fish poached, you need to cook it at a lower temperature in your oven so that it is tender and flaky. You can use the liquid from poaching as a reduction or as part of a sauce for your poached fish.

If you are having trouble cooking your fish evenly, you may want to score your fish with a knife before you cook it. You can also use the scoring lines to add garlic, citrus or rosemary to your fish. Fish that’s cooked evenly means that lovely flavor and tenderness will be all through the fish flesh. Depending on how large the piece of fish is, you may want to use a flexible spatula to turn it–or two if the fish is exceptionally large.

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