Celebrate National Shrimp Scampi Day with Us!

Shrimp scampi is a delicious dish made with shrimp, butter, garlic, lemon juice, and white wine. This tasty meal is packed with nutrients and flavor, as well as interesting history. Keep reading to learn more about shrimp scampi just in time for National Shrimp Scampi Day!
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We all know what shrimp is, but what is scampi? The word is a culinary term that is used to describe small lobsters known as Nephrops, langoustine, or Dublin Bay Prawns. However, the word scampi actually has nothing to do with shrimp scampi!

Shrimp scampi is a seafood dish made with either fresh or frozen shrimp. The dish is crafted using butter, garlic, lemon, and white wine, all of which are mixed together to make a smooth and flavorful sauce. Shrimp scampi is also served with noodles or rice, vegetables, bread, and/or rolls. If you like to pair your meals with wine, opt for white wine when ordering shrimp scampi. You can also finish off your meal with a rich dessert like creme brulee or cheesecake for the perfect well-rounded dining experience.

You can celebrate National Shrimp Scampi Day on April 29 in one of two ways. The first is to make the dish at home. Consider inviting over family or friends for a shrimp scampi dinner party. You can supply the shrimp scampi with fresh shrimp purchased from the seafood market at PJ Lobster House, while your guests can bring the wine, sides, and dessert.

The second way you can choose to celebrate National Shrimp Scampi Day is by dining at a seafood restaurant. PJ Lobster House also features a restaurant with an extensive menu of delicious seafood dishes, including shrimp scampi. Our shrimp scampi is made with large shrimp that is sauteed in butter, garlic, breadcrumbs, and white wine. The dish is served with your choice of linguini, penne, angel hair pasta, or gluten-free rotini, as well as a house garden salad.

Be sure to visit PJ Lobster House on April 29 for National Shrimp Scampi Day. Our fish market is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., while our restaurant is open from noon to 9 p.m. You can find PJ Lobster House at 134 Main Street in Port Jefferson, New York, and we look forward to seeing you here soon.