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A Guide to Lobsters

Were you aware that in 2019 the total supply of American lobsters in the United States amounted to an estimated 202.83 million pounds? With statistics like that, it’s undeniable that lobsters are a favorite meal source for many seafood lovers. If you enjoy lobster or would like to know more about lobsters, you have come to the right place.

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How to Try Lobster at a Seafood Restaurant

Lobster is one of those foods that is widely talked about among anyone that loves seafood. On top of that, people who aren’t even big seafood fans tend to rave about lobster for its unique flavor profile, consistency, and tendency to leave you full. But for the uninitiated, lobster can be a tricky fish to eat and pick out. But don’t fret, today we have some tips to help you eat your way to lobster town.

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7 Seafood Dishes That You’ll Be Thankful For on (Not) Turkey Day

Thanksgiving can be one of the most stressful days of the entire year. While the wholesomeness of the family gathered around the table and the promise of a football game or two are always appealing, the preparation, process, and the realization that your waistline will soon be expanding are a bit much to deal with. So, why not break with tradition?

Serving some seafood instead of turkey and stuffing can really make a difference this year. We’ve picked 7 dishes that we know you’ll be thankful for.

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How can Lobsters Benefit Your Health?

Seafood, in general, has a great reputation for being a healthy source of protein. Fish not only provides an abundance of omega-3 fats, vitamin D, and protein, but it is low in saturated fats which is extremely healthy for your heart. Lobster is loaded with nutrients as it is chock full of essential vitamins and minerals. The common misbelief is that lobster itself is a no-no because it elevates cholesterol levels. In actuality, the manner in which it is prepared and served is the culprit. PJ Lobster House is happy to share with you the terrific benefits that lobster provides to your health.

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National Lobster Day

Get ready for National Lobster Day this upcoming September 25th!

Did you know that in the old days, in Boston, you could buy canned lobster for 11 cents per pound? Yes, there was a time when lobster was so over-saturated in New England that you could get it dirt cheap, and they even used it to feed prisoners. It only became expensive when folks around the rest of the country got a taste of it, fell in love with it, and skyrocketed the demand. Nowadays, it’s much scarcer and seafood aficionados have a much greater appreciation for it.

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