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Thursdays are for Lobster in Port Jeff

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy lobster. Of all the various forms of seafood, lobster is among the most coveted and decadent dishes. And at PJ’s Lobster House, we’re dedicating an entire day of the week to this delicious and tasty treat. It’s Lobsterfest every Thursday at PJ’s, and this is one offer that’s too good to refuse. 

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Beer & Lobster Pairing 101

Lobster is one of the most luxurious and flavorful seafood out there. You can prepare lobster in a variety of ways to bring out the bold and delicious flavors of the fish. If you are planning a meal with lobster and want to pair your food with beer, check out our beer and lobster pairing tips:

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A Guide to Lobsters

Were you aware that in 2019 the total supply of American lobsters in the United States amounted to an estimated 202.83 million pounds? With statistics like that, it’s undeniable that lobsters are a favorite meal source for many seafood lovers. If you enjoy lobster or would like to know more about lobsters, you have come to the right place.

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How to Try Lobster at a Seafood Restaurant

Lobster is one of those foods that is widely talked about among anyone that loves seafood. On top of that, people who aren’t even big seafood fans tend to rave about lobster for its unique flavor profile, consistency, and tendency to leave you full. But for the uninitiated, lobster can be a tricky fish to eat and pick out. But don’t fret, today we have some tips to help you eat your way to lobster town.

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