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Best Seafood Gifts for The Holidays

When it comes to showing up for a holiday event, there are some important tidbits of etiquette to keep in mind. You certainly don’t want to show up too early or come looking disheveled, and it’s always important to know when it’s appropriate to say farewell, grab your coat, and depart. Of course, bringing something to the festivities is also important. You might want to consider bringing some seafood to the occasion. Something that’s not a box of microwavable popcorn shrimp. With some very important holidays approaching, we’ve consulted some culinary experts to decide what’s appropriate for each one. 

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Seafood Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The month of February is significant for the inclusion of Valentine’s Day. How you choose to celebrate with your significant other can make for a memorable occasion that both of you will cherish. While every top-tier restaurant will make you wait in line for three hours even if you have a reservation, there is a dining solution that’s certain to make the night memorable. Seafood—that’s right, seafood. You’ve already found the perfect fish in the sea, now it’s time to dine splendidly with them. Here are a few ideas to share with that special someone. 

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7 Seafood Dishes That You’ll Be Thankful For on (Not) Turkey Day

Thanksgiving can be one of the most stressful days of the entire year. While the wholesomeness of the family gathered around the table and the promise of a football game or two are always appealing, the preparation, process, and the realization that your waistline will soon be expanding are a bit much to deal with. So, why not break with tradition?

Serving some seafood instead of turkey and stuffing can really make a difference this year. We’ve picked 7 dishes that we know you’ll be thankful for.

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Enjoy Seafood Dishes for the Holidays

Are you puzzling right now about what to serve for Christmas or New Year’s? Tired of the traditional ham, or Christmas turkey? You don’t have to serve it again. In fact, you can serve something completely different. Why not serve some seafood dishes for your Christmas dinner? If you aren’t sure what to serve seafood-wise, we have some suggestions.

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