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The Luxury of Lobster!

Did you know lobster wasn’t always considered a luxury food
? In the 1600s, lobster was plentiful and easily available to those living near the ocean. Lobster was considered regular food and was even given to prisoners and servants by European colonists. This “poor man’s food” has come a long way. Today, lobster is considered a luxury food and many people think of it as a special treat. To learn how lobster became what it is today, continue reading this blog post.

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Join Us for All You Can Eat Lobster This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May every year. This annual holiday is a way for Americans to remember fallen soldiers and honor their sacrifices. Memorial Day is also a way for families and friends to connect. Learn about the history of Memorial Day, as well as the special offers we have at PJ Lobster House for this holiday, by reading on.

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Mark Your Calendars for Easter Sunday Dinner

Easter Sunday dinner is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday, while also bonding with loved ones. Instead of preparing a complicated meal that takes time away from the holiday, mark your calendars for Easter Sunday dinner at PJ Lobster House! Let us cover the food, so you can spend time with loved ones and celebrate Easter. To learn more about our Easter Sunday dinner, just keep on reading.

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