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What are The Healthiest Fish to Consume?

At PJ Lobster House, we take great pride in the food we serve. Seafood is not only consumed across the globe but is one of the healthiest things you can consume. Low in fat and containing high concentrations of protein, several medical studies have attested to the beneficial nature of food harvested from the ocean. The AHA (American Heart Association) recommends that adults get two to three servings of fish a week to promote and maintain a healthy heart. We’ve done some research on which species of fish are the healthiest. 

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Beer & Lobster Pairing 101

Lobster is one of the most luxurious and flavorful seafood out there. You can prepare lobster in a variety of ways to bring out the bold and delicious flavors of the fish. If you are planning a meal with lobster and want to pair your food with beer, check out our beer and lobster pairing tips:

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