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Bring Fresh Seafood Home From PJs Lobster House

Here at PJ’s Lobster House, we take immense pride in our capacity to provide our customers with the best seafood, fine-crafted cocktails, and a dining experience that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We love seeing our customers come and visit and enjoy themselves, and it’s one of the reasons why we take such immense pride in what we do. But what happens when you want the fresh taste and healthy benefits of a meal from PJ’s Lobster House but want to enjoy it within the comfort of your own home? We simply say this—it’s no problem! You might have come in for a meal, but did you know that we also have a fish market that serves up the best quality and generous portions that can allow you to have a romantic seafood feast at home? Well, you do now!

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Inside the Different Cuts of Fish

Of the many cuisines that are found across the many different cultures that inhabit the earth, seafood appears to be the most universal. There’s no shortage in the variety in which fish are prepared and served up to the general public. Among these are a variety of cuts that are available to anyone when they visit their local fish market. If you’ve ever been curious about what each one is and what pertains to them, then we invite you to read on as we dissect what each one is. 

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Mediterranean-Style Fish Soup for Fall

PJ Lobster House is here to provide you with the freshest seafood in Suffolk County!  We can’t wait to embrace all of the flavors of fall.  One dish we can’t stop thinking about that is sure to warm your belly and tastes like autumn in a bowl is Mediterranean-style fish soup.  Our fresh fish market is the perfect place to stop by and pick up your fish before you follow the recipe below!

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Best Seafood Gifts for The Holidays

When it comes to showing up for a holiday event, there are some important tidbits of etiquette to keep in mind. You certainly don’t want to show up too early or come looking disheveled, and it’s always important to know when it’s appropriate to say farewell, grab your coat, and depart. Of course, bringing something to the festivities is also important. You might want to consider bringing some seafood to the occasion. Something that’s not a box of microwavable popcorn shrimp. With some very important holidays approaching, we’ve consulted some culinary experts to decide what’s appropriate for each one. 

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