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Get The Best Lobster at PJ Lobster House

Lobster is a beloved shellfish option that is widely versatile.  It’s most often boiled or steamed and can be eaten all on its own or combined with ingredients to create delectable entrees, sandwiches, pasta, dips, and more.  It isn’t always diners’ first choice as it is on the more expensive side, but it is a very nutritious option that should be enjoyed when possible!  PJ Lobster House is the place to get lobster!  We’re here to tell you all the health benefits of lobster and share some of our favorite lobster dishes.

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Celebrate National Clams on The Half Shell Day at PJ’s Lobster House

If you’ve ever made a reservation for a table at PJ’s Lobster House, then you know just how seriously we take our seafood. No matter what your individual taste might be or how you like it prepared, there’s never a wrong way to come on in and enjoy yourself. And there’s a celebration during the month of March that we cordially invite you to take part in. March 31st is when we take a moment to honor one of the tastiest dishes ever, clams on the half shell!  There are some interesting facts to put you in the mood, so let’s dive right in! 

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