Best Seafood Gifts for The Holidays

When it comes to showing up for a holiday event, there are some important tidbits of etiquette to keep in mind. You certainly don’t want to show up too early or come looking disheveled, and it’s always important to know when it’s appropriate to say farewell, grab your coat, and depart. Of course, bringing something to the festivities is also important. You might want to consider bringing some seafood to the occasion. Something that’s not a box of microwavable popcorn shrimp. With some very important holidays approaching, we’ve consulted some culinary experts to decide what’s appropriate for each one. 
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Some Helpful Tips for What to Bring 

  • Thanksgiving, you might want to consider something light for an appetizer. This all depends on who’s hosting the event in question. It’s more than safe to assume that whoever is preparing the meal has already laid out what they plan on cooking for a full-course meal weeks or even months in advance. Something small to serve as a good conversation piece, such as crab salad or light lobster bisque, is a polite gift. You don’t want to try to upstage the hard work that the host has put into the evening. 
  • Christmas engagements, you have the option to take two individual paths for your gift. On one hand, you can bring something small that guests can enjoy while engaged in casual conversation, much like you might do on Thanksgiving. However, there is an alternative. Because Christmas is a holiday that’s focussed on the act of giving, you can present your host with a fresh lobster to cook later at their discretion. Perhaps a layout of a festive shrimp cocktail can also help set the mood of the festivities. 
  • New Year’s Eve, which coincides with renewal and rejuvenation, is also known for having a big blowout to end the year in style and opulence. Lobsters, crab, swordfish, or a decadent display of shrimp or scallops are the perfect gifts to help ring in the next 365 days. Lobster is also recommended for Christmas, though a  baked and buttered preparation is the ideal way to go. 

PJ’s Lobster House 

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