Beer & Lobster Pairing 101

Lobster is one of the most luxurious and flavorful seafood out there. You can prepare lobster in a variety of ways to bring out the bold and delicious flavors of the fish. If you are planning a meal with lobster and want to pair your food with beer, check out our beer and lobster pairing tips:
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When you think of seafood and alcohol pairings, you probably imagine pairing fish with wine. However, beer makes for an excellent pairing with lobster. You can use International Beer Day, which is August 5, as an excuse to try some lobster and beer pairings.

Blonde ales are a bright and refreshing beer that pairs well with lobster. If you don’t drink beer often, a blonde ale has a subtle flavor that is light and complementary to the more bold flavors of lobster.

Lobster is often served with butter. You can also order lobster roll sandwiches with mayonnaise. If you want to bring out the flavors of butter or mayonnaise when eating lobster, pair the food with cream ales. These mild and light beers have citrus notes that are smooth and delicious when enjoyed with seafood.

Helles Lager is a type of beer that is round and balanced. Opt for a flavorful Helles Lager to best suit lobster.

Pale ales are known for their strong body. If you choose a pale ale with prominent hops, you can bring out the bold flavors of delicate lobster meat.

You may not think of pairing a sour beer with lobster, but think of this pairing the same way you would think of squeezing lemon on lobster. The bitter flavor of a sour beer can add some kick to your lobster dish.

If you want to juxtapose the seafood flavors of lobster with a beer, select a witbier. These beers traditionally feature citrus and spice flavors like orange peel and coriander. Contrasting these flavors with seafood can excite your taste buds. 

Use August 5 as an opportunity to try any of these lobster and beer pairings. You can visit the PJ Lobster House fish market and purchase some fresh lobster to prepare at home on International Beer Day. Our market is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and we hope to see you here soon!

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