5 Tips for Buying Fresh Fish From the Market

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Fish is flavorful and packed with valuable nutrients. Incorporating more fish into your diet can help you improve your overall health. If you want to start cooking meals with fish, it’s important to learn how to buy fresh fish. Read on for tips on how to select fish at your local fresh fish market.

Fresh fish on ice at a local fish market

1. Sustainability

First, buy sustainable fish. Fish that are sourced through unsustainable methods are not as high-quality and healthy as sustainable fish.

2. Cook the same day

Next, cook your fish the same day you buy it. The longest you should go before cooking your fish is 48 hours. You can also freeze fish if you don’t plan on using it right away, but you should freeze it as soon as possible to maintain its freshness. When freezing fish, seal it in an airtight bag.

3. Smell it

Maybe obvious, but smelling fish can help you determine if it’s fresh. Fish will always smell like fish, but the more overwhelming this fragrance, the less fresh the fish.

4. Inspect it

Another obvious yet necessary tip is to look at the fish before you buy it. A fresh piece of fish is plump, moist, and has shiny scales. If a piece of fish looks dry or dull, it’s likely not fresh.

5. Buy from a reputable fish market

Finally, know your shop. When you find a seafood market you can trust, you can feel confident purchasing fish. Visit PJ Lobster House and shop our fish market to discover fresh pieces of fish that can add key vitamins and nutrients to your diet. You can find us at 134 Main St. in Port Jefferson, NY.

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